Repertoire for Booking

Repertoire available for booking:

Ragas and Airs 2014
Bharatanatyam work highlighting Celtic music and folklore, expanding upon the historic connections between South Asian and Celtic heritage.

Grihani 2008
Based on the contradictory emotions experienced by women choosing to be home makers in the current society. Choreographed on an original score by Praveen D. Rao.

Chaat 2009
Typically a street side snack with intensely hot, tangy, spicy, sweet and salty flavors, Chaat becomes a contemporary hybridization of the ancient techniques of Bharatanatyam and Indo Western fusion music. Set to specially commissioned music by Philadelphia based Thomas Flanagan and Jeremy Dyen of Amrita, Chaat is an ode to the commonality of the human experience.

Chandroutie 2011
A dance production based on the indentured labor movement of the 1800s from India to South American countries of Guyana, Trinidad and Suriname and the resulting musical traditions. Chandroutie features dance set on works by Indo Caribbean artists from Trinidad, Queens and Guyana.

Custom Suite
A suite from the company’s repertoire- consisting of over 12 original and traditional choreographic works- can be tailored according to the event.

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