Aney Abraham

During her early education in South India, Aney received training in Mohiniyattam, one of Kerala’s traditional dance forms. She performed folk style dances, including Thiruvathira, Oppana, and Kolkadi in school kalolsavams. After high school, she moved to United States where she studied modern dance at Temple University and has performed semi classical Indian dances in cultural festivals. A passion for dance has followed Aney all throughout her life. Though Mohiniyattam is still close to her heart, she returned to dance in 2013 learning and performing Bharatanatyam with Usiloquy.

Mira Sophia Adornetto

Transplanted from California, Mira’s interest in movement began with yoga. She came to Philadelphia where she took a bachelor’s in printmaking, staying on as an employee at her alma mater – the University of the Arts. While working at UArts she discovered a love for dance, taking every movement class she could. In 2010, an opportunity to learn Indian Cinematic dance and Bharatanatyam was not to be missed. Several years and a few performances later, she continues to further her Bharatanatyam practice.

Paramita Datta, Principal Dancer

Paramita began her dance education in India before joining Usiloquy in 2007. She trained for 5 years in Bharatanatyam from the Rajarajeshwari School of Dance in Mumbai. During the course of this training she choreographed and performed in groups and solos in Bharatanatyam and Indian folk styles.

Sruthi Murlidaran

After 12 years of training under Guru Adayar K. Laksman and Smt. Roja Kanan, Sruthi completed her Arangetram in Chennai. Aside from performances at the Shanmugananda Hall in Mumbai amongst others, being a part of a 1,000 dancer ensemble celebrating 1,000 years of the Tanjore Brihadeeshwar Temple stays one of her proudest performance memories.